Rui Boen is co-edited as “Design Guidelines for Fresh Air Purification System for Primary and Secondary Schools” and writes professional and rigorous social responsibility missions.
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Last winter, the haze of heaven and earth covered the mountains and stormed the people of the north. With such hazy conditions, the hope that primary and secondary schools can install fresh air systems will increase. The classroom is an important place for primary and middle school students to learn. On average, each school-age child stays in the classroom for eight or nine hours a day. The classrooms are also high-density buildings. Most of the time, the windows and doors are closed. The concentration of carbon dioxide and the concentration of PM2.5 in the classroom will far exceed the normal standards. The quality of the classroom environment air quality directly affects the health of students. The long-term exposure to such classrooms full of polluted air will have an irreversible impact on students’ physical health. The new air blower can precisely solve this pain point, from the source to eliminate indoor air pollution, to ensure that the classroom is always in an oxygen-rich state, to protect students' physical and mental health, truly do not open the window for fresh air.

On January 11, 2017, the group standard "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Fresh Air Purification System" (T/CAQI 25-2017), "Test Methods for Air Quality of Classrooms in Primary and Secondary Schools" (T/CAQI 26-2017), and "Classroom Air for Primary and Secondary Schools" The "Quality Regulations" (T/CAQI 27-2017) was formally approved for release and will begin implementation on February 1, 2017. All three standards are proposed by the China Education Equipment Association and are under the jurisdiction of the China Quality Inspection Association.

January 14, 2017 Ribaugh was invited to participate in the seven group standards such as the Design Guidelines for Fresh Air Purification System for Primary and Secondary Schools. As a company that produces air-free equipment, Rimbaugh is not only responsible for creating economic value in the society, but also shoulders social responsibilities. Ribaugh believes that while companies are becoming bigger and stronger, they must also actively fulfill their social responsibilities. Due to Ruiboen's strong expertise in air-cleaning products, it became one of the participating companies in the "Technical Regulations for Residential Fresh Air System" last year. While Ruiboun's products and technology advantages have been recognized by the society and authoritative organizations, Ruiboun representatives actively participated in the seven group standards initiation meeting and the first working meeting of the “Design Guidelines for Fresh Air Purification System for Primary and Secondary Schools”. The standard editorial advises on the formulation of relevant policies concerning the development of the industry and the interests of the people, and makes it a responsibility for the fresh air purification function to better introduce the campus.

The child is the future of the motherland. In the face of fierce haze and indoor air pollution, the school should become a “shelter for Hong Kong” and protect students' health. The formulation of this standard will promote the new wind system into the campus. As one of the participating companies, Ruiboun has unified the promotion of corporate competitiveness and the fulfillment of its social responsibilities, and has never forgotten its initial purpose. It has always been responsible for the society, serving the public, and contributing to society.